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What sort of activities do the Air Cadets do?

Cadets do a multitude of different activities from Flying, Gliding to target shooting, camps as well as parades, sports and aviation studies.

How old must I be to join?

Cadets must be 13 and the age limit is 20. The latest you can join is usually 17.

How many times a week does the cadets meet?

At Wakefield, we meet on Mondays and Thursdays from 1840hrs to 2100hrs

Do I have exams and studies to do?

Yes. During your cadet life, you will be expected to learn about aviation operations as well as Initial Expedition Training, First Aid and Navigation. These will all count to your BTEC Aviation Studies so it’s all worth it! Also, you can extend your knowledge by completing your BTEC Public Services.

Will I always get shouted at?

No. Even though the Air Cadet Organisation has a certain amount of discipline you won’t always be shouted at. However, it is essential that all cadets behave appropriately.

How much does it cost?

At Wakefield Air Cadets, the subscriptions are £10.00 per month. The RAF Blues uniform is free a part from Parade Shoes as well as DPMs/MTPs (Combat Clothing) which can be purchased from the squadron stores or an Army Surplus Store.

Is it easy to make new friends?

Yes. It’s very easy to make new friends. Everyone is easy to get along with and everyone has loads in common.

How often would I get to go flying?

If cadets want they may get a flight per year. However, sometimes it’s possible to get more. On camps it’s possible to get a flight in a Hawk or Sea King!

What happens if I have problems?

The Staff and NCO’s are very happy to answer any questions and are always willing to help.

If I need time of from School/College, can letters be written?

Yes. Staff will provide cover letters for your School/College.

Parade Times

All squadrons meet twice a week, at Wakefield we parade Monday-Thursday from 18:40-21:00 and take part in Lessons, Projects, Sports & Drill. However, cadets may meet throughout the week to partake in activities such as Flying, Camps and Shooting. 


Contact us


127 (Wakefield) Squadron,
Air Training Corps
TA Centre
White Horse Yard
George Street
South Yorkshire


t: 01924 200469(May only be answered on parade evenings)

e: 127@aircadets.org